Patanjali Yogpeeth Nepal

PYP (Nepal) Trust was established as a registered Nepal charity in 2006. PYP (Nepal) Trust has many visionary aims and objectives, all focussed around one key aim: to make a disease-free world through a scientific approach to Yog and Ayurved..The atrocious tragedy of the earthquake in Nepal claims thousands of lives, thousands of people from around the globe who were in Nepal for tourism and pilgrimage had separated from us forever. Millions of people had seen that terrible and terrifying scene with their own eyes, which they had never imagined. We had also seen this terrible and terrifying scene with our own eyes. Fortunately, Swami Ji and we narrowly escaped from this terrible happening. In this disaster moment, it is our moral duty to rise above from all the political and geographical boundaries and should come forward with our human sensation and feelings to serve who have suffered extensive devastation. But if we all come together to serve, then we definitely can provide relief to some extent. The same modest attempts are being made by Patanjali Yogpeeth with the inspiration of Swami Ramdev.